Yarn Ball Winder Handle:   Yarn ball winders are a wonderful invention and now you can forget finding the perfect table to mount your winder on.  Just clamp your winder on to the maple platform and hold the winder handle in your hand while turning the crank.  Presto, a center-pull ball of yarn is created!  This custom hand-turned ball winder handle allows you to wind your yarn wherever you are from a skein or your yarn swift or directly from your spinning wheel.  I find this most useful when attending fiber arts retreats and other events as well as at home.   

I make these from maple for the base with Your Choice of Wood for handles.  Since they are custom hand turned, each handle may sport a unique accent design.  They are sanded smooth and finished with lacquer and wax.  

The base measures 3" x 2" x 1/2" and the handles are about 4 1/2 -5" long.

This listing is for the handle only, to use with your own ball winder.  The photos are representative of the handle that you will receive.  Please allow 5 days for custom orders.

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Wood Choice
Orifice hook for your spinning wheel. 

This is what I call a Multi-Tool for Hand-spinners. I make them in all sorts of woods and each one is unique. The picture here is representative of the style with a one inch section at the front end for measuring your wraps per inch and a flexible wire loop ,  3 .5-3.75 inches long. The wire is stainless steel, thin and flexible yet hard to bend so that it holds its shape well. This style works on most spinning wheels that I have seen. I have added a small eyelet at the back end to accommodate a lanyard of your choice. It's nice to hang it right on your wheel for easy access.  If you don't see your favorite wood in the choices below you may email me with your request.                                                    

Custom Exotic Wood   $35.00                 Listed Woods  $25.00