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Customer Testimonial

"I have been using the Birch Grove Devil's Club products for several years.  I first used it for my eczema problem as I am allergic to so many things.  The Birch Grove Devil's Club salve has helped make my outbreaks a thing of the past.  I also found that it is also good for sunburn, arthritis, back pain and the oil is also a good insect repellant. (especially since I am allergic to Off or other insect sprays).

I have always recommended Birch Grove products to friends and family as it is all natural, reasonable cost, and delivery is always prompt.  They always say how pleased they are with the products and thank me. 

I would like to personally thank the good people at Birch Grove for helping me and so many other people with these fine, traditionally made products.  Keep up the good work!"


Seattle, WA

Member of the Alaska Woodturners Association    and

The American Association of Woodturners

Also member of Anchorage  Weavers & Spinners Guild.

Here at Birch Grove we offer a variety of Alaskan Devil’s Club Products as well as other herbal soaps and body care potions.  In addition we produce a line of hand Woodturned items including bowls, plates, boxes, fiber arts tools and other miscellaneous useful items.  All of our products are made in our studios here on our nearly 50 acres in the majestic Eagle River Valley.  


My interest and passion for woodturning has only increased since I was introduced to the craft in 2005.  Starting with fiber arts tools and quickly evolving to other areas.  Many of my bowls are made from Alaska Birch from our property or downed trees that are offered from others.  While birch and other hardwoods are beautiful and interesting on their own, I often find that I just have to embellish them with dyes, paint, carving and pyrography.  I will occasionally offer a few here online so check back often to see what I have.   You will also find us on Etsy: 

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